Company Registration

Steps to register a US company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq The company must complete and sign the official registration form of the KRG Ministry of Trade and send it to the KRG-US office for completion.

Along with the completed registration form, the company must provide the following documents (originals only) to the KRG-US office for approval:

Once approved by the KRG-US office, the authorized person acting on behalf of the company in the Kurdistan Region must submit the above paperwork to the Director General at the Ministry of Trade’s Registration Department in Erbil. The processing fee for registration is $160.

Please mail the original documents for approval to the KRG-US office:

Kurdistan Regional Government—USA

1532 16th Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036 USA

***NOTE: Please allow 5 business days to process the paperwork. If mailed to the KRG-US office, the documents will be mailed back via regular mail. If an expedited return of the documents is needed, please include a pre-paid, self-addressed FedEx or USPS envelope.

For questions about the registration process please email

Additional resources

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The Kurdistan Board of Investment provides An Investment Guide for the Kurdistan Region-Iraq

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