March 9, 2015

Representative Abdul Rahman meets with Kurdish community members in Virginia

Fairfax, VA, USA ( – The new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to the United States met with Kurdish-American diaspora Sunday, March 8 in a town-hall style meeting to introduce herself and deliver updates from the region.IMG_8855 (1)

Madam Representative Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman said, ‘Kurdistan is facing many threats and challenges that we haven’t seen in decades’. She thanked the community for their continuing advocacy efforts in their hometowns and in Washington, adding, ‘Please engage your peers on social media to spread the word of the humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan’.

The Kurdish community in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington has been very active in the past year, advocating for US support for Kurdistan and providing assistance to refugees. During the siege of Kobani, dozens of Kurds demonstrated daily in front of the White House. In December 2014, community members gathered nearly 20 cubic meters of winterizing aid for refugees in Duhok. The aid was delivered in January 2015 by the Kurdish Relief Fund.

The meeting corresponded with International Women’s Day, a holiday commemorating the achievements of women worldwide. Throughout Kurdistan, women have played critical roles in combating the advance of the Islamic State. Ms. Abdul Rahman said, ‘I would like to salute the brave women of Kurdistan’.

The Representative also fielded a number of questions and concerns. Kurdish community members were anxious to hear the latest news on the war with the Islamic State, the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and the KRG’s negotiations with Baghdad.

Read a PDF of this press release here.
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