March 4, 2016 (2)

KRG Mission hosts Erbil Consul General for meeting on strengthening relationship

Washington, DC ( – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to the United States Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman and KRG US staff hosted Matthias Mitman, Consul General of the US Consulate in Erbil, for a meeting on a range of issues aimed at growing the partnership between the KRG and US Government.

During the meeting they discussed the financial crisis in Kurdistan, in particular the needs of the Kurdish Peshmerga Forces. The KRG has been requesting emergency financial assistance from its international partners. The US officials reiterated that the US Government views the KRG as an important partner in the Middle East.

Although Peshmerga salaries are prioritized in the budget, the KRG has struggled to pay salaries of frontline Peshmerga soldiers, who are critical to the defense of the region, its inhabitants, and the 1.8 million displaced Syrians and Iraqis who have found safety in Kurdistan.

The Peshmerga are engaged along a 650-mile front with ISIS. In addition, they have liberated over 14,000 square miles from the terror group, including strategic locations such as Sinjar, the Mosul Dam and its vicinity, and the border town of Rabi’a.

They also discussed ways to strengthen US trade relations with Kurdistan, with the Representative highlighting the efforts taken by the KRG to diversify the economy and attract foreign direct investments.

Consul General Mitman and Representative Abdul Rahman took the opportunity to update each other on relations between Erbil, Baghdad, and Washington.
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