March 24, 2016

KRG Representation hosts Makhmour Mayor and Peshmerga commander for briefing

Washington, DC, USA ( – Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the United States Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman welcomed the Mayor of Makhmour Ibrahim Shekhallah and a Peshmerga commander from the Makhmour sector Srood Salih for meeting to receive updates.

The two were in Washington as part of the International Visitors Leadership Program, the US State Department’s premier professional exchange program which provides training for leaders from around the world in a variety of fields.

Mr Salih briefed Ms Abdul Rahman and KRG US Representation staff on the current situation on the ground in the fight against ISIS. Makhmour is one of the most active sectors against the terror group, suffering daily attacks including with chemical weapons such as chlorine and mustards gas.

Mr Shekhallah discussed the future of reconciliation and reconstruction in Makhmour and the region at large. Makhmour is traditionally a diverse region in Kurdistan, home to Kurdish and Arab villages.

Ms Abdul Rahman thanked Mr Salih and Mr Shekhallah for their time and wished them success in their trip to the United States
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