March 23, 2015

KRG US Representation condemns murder of Peshmerga hostages, calls on international community to do more to defeat and destroy ISIS


Washington DC, USA ( – During this Newroz holiday when the people of Kurdistan celebrate the New Year, ISIS terrorists have beheaded three Peshmerga soldiers and have today claimed to have executed another.

The Kurdistan Regional Government US Representation condemns these barbaric and inhumane acts and salutes the martyred Peshmerga, whose sacrifice will not be forgotten. Those who are guilty of these crimes will face justice.

Since last summer, the Peshmerga have acted as the tip of the spear in the fight against ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham). They have defended the people of Kurdistan and liberated hundreds of square miles of land held by ISIS. Today the Peshmerga help to protect the 1.6 million refugees and displaced people who have taken shelter in the Kurdistan Region regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Not only the people of Kurdistan and Iraq, but the world is indebted to the Peshmerga for standing up to terror and genocide and for making the ultimate sacrifice. ISIS has beheaded these heroic Peshmerga as Kurdistan celebrates Newroz, our New Year. If ISIS believes that causing us harm at this time will weaken our resolve, it is gravely mistaken and it does not know our history. We have fought for decades for the right to celebrate this day, and these provocations only strengthen our determination to protect the democracy, liberty and peaceful coexistence that the people of Kurdistan cherish. The Kurds, like the people of several other countries in Asia and the Middle East, celebrate Newroz with a fire which symbolizes the overcoming of tyranny. That fire burns bright today in Kurdistan.

We call on the international community to provide the Peshmerga with the training and equipment needed to bring an end to ISIS’ barbarism. This includes heavy assault weapons to rout the terrorists from their positions, and armored vehicles to protect our soldiers in harm’s way. The Peshmerga are the most effective ground force against ISIS. With the right weapons and training, they can defeat and destroy ISIS and help Iraq and the Middle East escape from the cancer of terrorism.

NOTE: The Kurdistan Regional Government has issued a statement condemning the murder of three Peshmerga hostages on the eve of Newroz. View a PDf of this release here.
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