April 24, 2017

State Department approves sale of $295.6 million in military equipment to Peshmerga

WASHINGTON, DC, USA (us.gov.krd) – ‘We welcome the provision of $295 million worth of equipment and weapons to the Peshmerga, whose courage in the fight against ISIS has been recognized worldwide,’ said Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to the United States Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, following the determination by the US State Department approving the possible sale of $295.6 million in military equipment to Kurdistan’s Peshmerga Forces.

This sale is a portion of the US 2016 foreign military financing package to the Government of Iraq, which allocated a loan of $2.7 billion in military equipment. This loan stipulates that a certain portion be allocated for the KRG.

She added, ‘We appreciate the allocation of funds for this equipment from America’s foreign military financing loan to Iraq, and the support in Congress that a portion of the equipment provided through the $2.7 billion loan should go to Kurdistan.’

Throughout the war with the ISIS terrorist organization, the US has played a leading role in supplying military equipment and training to Kurdistani forces, as well as air support for operations. Representative Abdul Rahman thanked the National Security Council, Congress, Department of Defense, and State Department for working diligently to relieve the critical shortfalls in the Peshmerga’s weapons and equipment stockpiles.

This potential sale is an indicator of the close relationship between the KRG and the US, and is a direct result of the detailed friendship and coordination between KRG and US officials in Kurdistan and in Washington, DC, both in the ongoing war with ISIS and beyond.
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