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KRG Representative meets Kurdistani community and city officials in San Diego

KRG Representative meets Jordanian Ambassador in Washington

United States Institute of Peace experts brief KRG on work in Kurdistan

Ministry of Health officials from Duhok brief administration officials and lawmakers in Washington

Journalists hosted for briefing session on referendum at KRG in Washington

Representative Abdul Rahman discusses referendum with United Nations press corps

Chancellor Barzani meets senior US administration and defense officials

KRG delegation led by Masrour Barzani meets top White House officials

State Department approves sale of $295.6 million in military equipment to Peshmerga

KRG officials meet President Trump and Trump administration officials for first time in Washington

29th anniversary of Halabja genocide held in US Capitol Visitor’s Center

Expert panel at Hudson Institute discusses future of Iraq and benefits of Kurdistan’s independence

American business leaders see ‘enormous opportunities’ during trade delegation to Kurdistan

Senior KRG delegation in Washington to discuss future of Kurdistan

Washington conference puts spotlight on business opportunities in Kurdistan

KRG Representative Abdul Rahman congratulates President-elect Donald Trump

Washington debates Kurdish independence and Mosul operation

Peshmerga liberate nine villages in first day of Mosul operation

KRG commemorates World Humanitarian Day

KRG Representation in Washington commemorates second anniversary of Yezidi Genocide

KRG represented at Republican and Democratic National Conventions

KRG participates in meetings on diversity protection at US Department of State

KRG joins Global Coalition conference in Washington

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman represents KRG at Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq in Washington

KRG welcomes US Congress support for Peshmerga and Kurdistan Region

Mayor of Shingal city visits New York and Washington to deliver message of Yezidi people

Business leaders from Kurdistan in Washington as part of leadership program

Transcript of Head of the Department of Foreign Relations’ address to Washington on 25th anniversary of Operation Provide Comfort

Transcript of President Barzani’s message at 25th anniversary of Operation Provide Comfort in Washington, DC

President Barzani sends message to conference in Washington on Operation Provide Comfort

Representative Abdul Rahman’s Memorial Day 2016 message

Deputy Prime Minister to Washington: ‘State of economy is an existential threat’

KRG delegation arrives in Washington to discuss economic crisis

KRG Representative tours US cities to speak with community leaders

KRG Representation hosts Makhmour Mayor and Peshmerga commander for briefing

KRG High Council of Women’s Affairs delegation in United States for meetings with UN and American government officials

Canadian MPs visit KRG Representation in Washington to discuss parliamentary group on Kurdistan

English translation of statement from the Halabja Chemical Victims Society

Washington gathers to commemorate Halabja and discuss ISIS genocide

KRG Mission hosts Erbil Consul General for meeting on strengthening relationship

KRG Minister of Planning discusses humanitarian and financial crises with State Dept

KRG’s Minister Sindi addresses World Bank Fragility Forum

US Congresswoman Delivers Speech on House Floor in Support of Kurds and Peshmerga Forces

KRG delegation calls for US support as it tackles economic crisis

KRG delegation briefs Washington on impact of economic slowdown in Kurdistan

KRG delegation asks US for economic, military, humanitarian support

Top KRG delegation in Washington to discuss Kurdistan’s challenges

KRG hosts US trade delegation in Erbil and Slemani

Head of Foreign Relations and US Representative attend Halifax International Security Forum

Representative addresses ‎the question of Kurdistan Under Pressure

KRG Representative addresses Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Christian diaspora leaders

KRG Representative addresses Harvard and Tufts universities in first visit to Boston

KRG offers condolences for US soldier killed in joint US-Peshmerga operation

Columbia University report urges West not to stand in way of independent Kurdistan

KRG Representative speaks to Kurdish leaders at 27th Annual Kurdish National Congress of North America

KRG Representative highlights US-Kurdistan friendship on first visit to Texas

KRG delegation highlights Kurdistani issues in New York


Kurds and friends celebrate launch of Kurdistan Tour Guide in Congress

KRG applauds bipartisan Congressional legislation recognizing genocide against minorities in Iraq

Kurds present groundbreaking Kurdistan Tour Guide to Members of Congress

KRG welcomes move by US Congressmen to recognize Kurdish Genocide

KRG Representation thanks US veterans of humanitarian and military operations in Kurdistan and Iraq

Statement regarding the exclusion of the KRG from the July 30, 2015 meeting of the Small Group of the Global Coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Quebec City

Prime Minister Barzani meets with US Ambassador Jones in Erbil

KRG and US officials discuss American support to higher education in Kurdistan and Iraq

President Barzani thanks Washington for US commitment to Kurdistan

President Barzani and US Defense Secretary Carter discuss future cooperation as Peshmerga continue to advance against ISIS

President Barzani’s remarks at reception hosted by the US-Kurdistan Business Council and the US Chamber of Commerce

Readouts of President Barzani’s meetings with President Obama and Vice President Biden

President Barzani holds second meeting with Vice President Biden and addresses US senators

President Barzani and President Obama reiterate joint commitment to defeat ISIS

Yezidi MP asks Washington to support ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq

Attack in Erbil will only strengthen anti-ISIS alliance

Statement by Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman on US support for Kurdistan

Iraqi Yezidi MP testifies before UN Security Council

HE Vian Dakhil’s testimony before UN Security Council on the plight of minorities in Iraq

KRG US Representation condemns murder of Peshmerga hostages, calls on international community to do more to defeat and destroy ISIS

KRG US Representation calls for action following UN Human Rights Council report on genocide by ISIS

KRG High Council on Women’s Affairs delegation updates Washington on the status of minorities, women, and children in Kurdistan

Bill to recognize Kurdish Genocide announced at annual Halabja Commemoration

KRG-US represents Kurdistan at annual Nowruz Commission Gala in Washington
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