Karim Sinjari – Minister of the Interior and Acting Minister of Peshmerga Affairs

Mr Karim Sinjari was appointed as Minister for the Interior May 2006. He was reappointed in the six cabinet on 28 October 2009 following the July 2009 Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections, and in the seventh cabinet, on 5 April 2012. He was appointed Acting Minister of Peshmerga Affairs in October 2015. kerim_shangali__2009_08_23_h2m30s32__SB

Mr Sinjari has served as Interior Minister in the Kurdistan Region since 2001. Born in Sinjar in 1950, he graduated with a degree in law from Baghdad University in 1971. He practised as a lawyer in Baghdad from 1973 and joined the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). He then joined the Peshmerga forces and was appointed to the KDP’s provisional leadership (1976-1980).

Mr Sinjari was exiled in Sweden for eight years (1980-1988) and then returned to Kurdistan as head of the KDP’s security service. After the first Kurdistan general elections of 1992, he was appointed Director General of the Kurdistan Region’s security service (1993). In 2001 he was appointed Interior Minister in the KRG’s Erbil and Dohuk administration, and elected to the central committee of the KDP. He was later appointed to the party’s Politburo.

Mr Sinjari speaks Swedish, English, Arabic and Persian. He is married with three children.
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