Dasko Shirwani

Director of Outreach

Mr. Dasko Shirwani currently serves as the Director of Outreach for the Kurdistan Regional Government Office of Representation in the United States, located in Washington, DC. He has worked for the current party, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), since 1990, for two year in Kurdistan and then until 2007 in Washington. He joined the KRG-US office in February of 2007.

Mr. Shirwani kak daskoholds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tennessee State University. Prior to coming to America, he served as a Peshmerga for four years, three of which were during his education so his service was limited to the summers. He is now a proud naturalized US citizen who lived in Nashville and Houston before settling in Washington. He is a speaker of Kurdish, English and Persian (Farsi).

Mr. Shirwani’s position as Director of Outreach allows him to be in daily communication with many Kurdish immigrants and other minorities. He has strong ties to groups that represent Kurdish interests in Iran, Turkey, and Syria as well as religious and ethnic minorities such as Assyrians, Chaldeans, Yezidis, and Iraqi Jews. Much of his work is conducted over the phone as he connects with locals in other parts of the United States, and helps them strategize to lobby their interests in Washington. While with the KDP in Washington, he worked extensively with both Congress and the State Department in order to advocate for these communities, work which he continues today.

Mr. Shirwani is passionate about equal rights and religious freedom, and to that end he has volunteered with organizations that help to re-settle Kurdish and other minority refugees, largely in Nashville and the surrounding area. He has also worked to help fund-raise for the homeless and US service veterans. His other interests include history and classical philosophy.

Mr. Shirwani is happily married and the proud father of a beautiful daughter. He lives with his family in Northern Virginia.

You can reach Mr. Shirwani at +1 202 821 1844 or by email at dasko.shirwani@krg.org.
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