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KRG-US supports USAIM’s efforts in aiding Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq


The Kurdistan Regional Government Representation to the United States has teamed up with the U.S. Association for International Migration (USAIM) to raise funds to support emergency relief and lifesaving efforts in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
USAIM contributes 90 cents of every $1 dedicated to this program to aid Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region.
USAIM’s partner, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is assisting Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  As of 22 October 2013, IOM Iraq has facilitated the transportation of 47,544 individuals from the Peshkhabour and Sehela border crossings to 11 different locations.
​IOM has provided over 1,400 trips to safe locations across the Kurdistan Region. IOM distributes non-food item emergency kits containing essential domestic and hygiene items. IOM carries out a livelihood assistance project including vocational trainings and in-kind grant packages to assist beneficiaries in beginning joint micro-businesses.
IOM has also provided tents for more than 200 refugee families and provides non-food items such as heaters and stoves to refugees in the camps. At the border, IOM staff hands out cold water and food to the waiting refugees. IOM staff continues to carry out needs assessments in and outside of the camps in order to help refugees to settle into their host communities and facilitates the registration process in coordination with UNHCR​.
To donate directly to support the Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region, please visit the USAIM website.  On the donation page, you are given the option “I want my donation to be dedicated”.  Under that dropdown menu, please choose “Aiding Syrian Victims in the KR“.
If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact KRG-US at us@krg.org or USAIM at usaim@iom.int.

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